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Marketing strategy and communication

  • Definition of the site’s strategic position, the marketing/communication strategy, and commercialization
  • Identification of new brands adapted to the site
  • Common theme in association with the history and characteristics of the site, making it possible for potential client to better appropriate it
  • Operational accompaniment in the assembly phase
  • Lobbying and public relations with the stakeholders
  • Restoration of dynamism and repositioning of assets in difficulty
  • Organization of events
  • Training: retail and brands around the world
  • Brand strategy and trends

Strategic expansion, planning and market studies

  • Diagnosis : cartographic analyses, identification of catchment areas, spatial analysis of an area’s commercial influence, counting of pedestrian flow rates, clientele analysis, evaluation of the competition, study of potential and programming, optimization of advertising campaigns.
  • Definition of the pre-operational strategy developed within a plan of action covering all aspects of the project
  • Commercial Master Plan diagrams allowing cities to have at their disposal a diagnosis of how Retail works in their neighborhood.

Project management 

  • Implementing strategy
  • Management and monitoring
  • Managing technical and commercial issue
  • Benchmarks and on-site study hours
  • Commercializing retail areas
  • Managing relations with the stakeholders
  • Private – Public relations

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