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You are responsible for a brand

We accompany you throughout the various stages in the development of your brand, in France and abroad, from design to international development:

  • Studies, audits, analyses: image, positioning, products, offers, expectations and needs of consumers
  • Development and implantation strategies in France and abroad: choice of form, choice of site, search for local investors, master franchises, study trips, legal regulations
  • Communication and marketing strategies: monitoring, event organization, public relations, visibility, and international promotion
  • Monitoring of implantations, actions and reporting.

You are a landlord

We bring your premises (shopping malls and shopping centers) to life and make them stand out.

We promote them by means of innovative concepts specific to your sector. Thanks to our unique network, we identify the brands whose originality, international success or innovative aspects bring new dynamism, whilst respecting local identities.

Finally, we provide attractive commercial programming and better promotion of your commercial assets.

We accompany you:

  • In the definition of the strategic position of the site, communication and commercialization, based on our know-how and a large number of studies
  • In identifying new brands adapted to your site (permanent monitoring)
  • Operationally throughout the set-up phase.

You are local authority

We accompany you in the creation, transformation and animation of the commercial areas in your town or city, to bring them to life and help them to prosper. It is indeed vital for you to be daring and creative in organizing (or re-organizing) local commerce efficiently, as it is a source of employment and wealth. This trade must also be included in the architectural and social environment that is specific to it.

To do this:

  • We put the emphasis on providing new concepts that are adapted to the form, influence and history of your town or city
  • We identify the driving forces liable to bring dynamism to your commercial areas, and we define the strategy needed and then implement it
  • We define a program of events and bring in temporary/seasonal activities to bring your commercial areas to life.

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